Anywaves Talents

Let’s meet Anywaves talents, an expert team at your service to make your project a success! Our dedicated team brings together a wealth of experience, technical expertise, and a shared passion for pushing the boundaries of space communication. Discover the individuals driving innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions for your satellite constellations.
nicolas capet
Dr. Nicolas Capet
Founder & CEO
maxime romier
Dr. Maxime Romier
Chief Technical Officer
emilie genoudet
Emilie Genoudet
Head of Communications
guillaume bourdais
Guillaume Bourdais
Chief Project Officer
pascal foulquier
Pascal Foulquier
Chief Financial Officer
samya foucher
Samya Foucher
Executive Assistant
alexandre loustau chartez
Alexandre Loustau-Chartez
Production Manager
gautier mazingue
Gautier Mazingue
R&D Engineer
anne lise vo thanh
Anne Lise Vo Thanh
Sales Manager
axel sami viliotti
Axel Sami-Viliotti
Visual Brand Manager
antoine simon
Dr. Antoine Simon
R&D Engineer
ksenia sharshavina
Dr. Ksenia Sharshavina
Business Development & Bid Manager
michele del mastro
Dr. Michele Del Mastro
R&D Engineer
jacek bhatker
Jacek Bhatker
RF Specialist
louis mangenot
Louis Mangenot
ludovic dehoui
Ludovic Dehoui
Product & Quality Assurance Project Manager
mathias nicolle
Mathias Nicolle
R&D Engineer
mathieu ferriol
Matthieu Ferriol
Accountant & Office Manager
quentin balmand
Quentin Balmand
R&D Engineer
quentin lamotte
Quentin Lamotte
R&D Engineer
sarah marchand
Sarah Marchand
Marketing Manager
stephane roy
Stephane Roy
Test & Prototype Manager
thomas corbel
Thomas Corbel
Industrialization Manager
zineb youssefi
Zineb Youssefi
Communication Manager
yoann berthui
Yoann Berthui
Industrial Technician
angelique galzy
Angélique Galzy
Supply Officer
damien girona
Damien Girona
Quality Product Engineer
pierre stipon
Pierre Stipon
In-house Legal Expert
melanie francisco
Mélanie Francisco
Chief Operating Officer
francois morizur
François Morizur
Chief Commercial Officer
Haris Stoumpos
Haris Stumpos
R&D Engineer
Oceane Thore
Océane Thore
System and Network Technician
Florian Barault
Florian Barault
R&D Engineer
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