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Custom-Made Antennas

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In case our range of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products don’t meet your specific project’s technological needs, we can assist you with the development of custom-made antennas.

Over the past years, Anywaves has been collaborating with major players in the aerospace industry, helping them manage their unique antenna projects for satellite constellations and launchers.

Besides our technical proficiency, innovation is an integral part of our DNA, and we work closely with our customers to offer them the most effective technological solutions for their requirements. Our Innovation Division experts collaborate with clients to understand the project’s specific demands, a critical phase to ensure the antenna development is precisely tailored to the concerned satellite and mission.

From the identification phase, our R&D specialists partner with our customers to translate the system requirements into antenna features. Given the broad range of projects we’ve handled, our experts are well-equipped to handle various antenna concepts, such as high-gain antennas for telecommunications, inter-satellite links, and payload telemetry, wideband antennas for spectrum surveillance, GNSS, LEO PNT, and others, as well as integrated and active antennas for different applications.

Let’s explore our different product ranges below and don’t hesitate to use the filters to find the best match to your needs.

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High-Gain Antennas

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High-gain antennas allow for more power to be transmitted to the receiver for high precision targeting of radio signals. These properties are crucial when it comes to X-, Ku- and Ka-band applications to cope with strong atmospheric attenuation. Anywaves offers innovative antenna solutions in this regard, which we invite you to discover.

Wideband Antennas

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Experience the power of our wideband antennas designed for diverse space applications. From GNSS Augmentation to Spectrum Surveillance, our robust and versatile antennas cover an impressive frequency range, ensuring exceptional performance for your LEO constellations.

Isoflux Antennas

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Discover our advanced Isoflux antennas designed specifically for space applications. Engineered with precision and incorporating advanced technologies, these antennas provide isoflux radiation coverage for seamless communication across all directions in the challenging space environment. This uniform signal distribution is particularly beneficial for applications such as data transmission, LEO-PNT (Position Navigation and Timing), IoT (Internet of Things), and more.

Integrated Antennas

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Antennas with integrated front-end RF circuitry can dramatically reduce losses due to cabling. In this regard, a specialized team of engineers at ANYWAVES can help you develop active electronic cards including amplification and filtering stages to be integrated into the body of our antennas providing an ultra-compact and highly qualified solution for satellite constellations.

Compact Antennas

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In addition to our existing range of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) antennas and other product lines, we are pleased to offer you a selection of compact antennas tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need compact antennas for applications such as shifted S-Band TT&C, payload antennas, deep space missions, or any other specific need, our team of experts will diligently work to identify the most suitable solution for you.
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Our company specializes in developing and designing custom-made antennas tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We have a team of experts dedicated to creating high-performance antennas for various applications. Our antennas undergo a thorough process, from the initial concept creation and design to testing, qualification, and marketing, always with a practical and innovative approach. Our objective is to deliver pioneering and top-performing antennas that provide our clients with the best possible technological solutions.

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Rigorous Project Management

We work closely with our clients to identify the project scope, objectives, and constraints, which allows us to create a comprehensive project plan. In order to reduce the risks, we adhere to strict space industry standards, including ECSS. Our rigorous project management process follows classic milestones for space projects, from Preliminary Design Review (PDR) to Design Review Board (DRB). Our approach to project management is designed to deliver the best possible results for our clients, with a focus on quality, reliability, and performance.

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Testing Process

In order to guarantee the durability and functionality of our antennas under the severe environmental conditions they will encounter from launch to orbit, we conduct a series of rigorous tests. These tests include qualification tests and acceptance tests. The purpose of the qualification tests is to demonstrate that one or more models of the product can withstand the various life cycles of a space product. On the other hand, acceptance tests are carried out on each flight model to ensure that the product delivered to the customer is functional and durable.


Personalized Support

To ensure that antenna development is precisely customized to the mission and satellite in question, our Innovation Division experts work closely with our clients to comprehend their project’s specific needs. Our vast experience and established technical proficiency enable us to offer our clients comprehensive and personalized assistance throughout all stages of project development, ranging from design to production and from testing to qualification.


What kind of specific antennas can ANYWAVES develop?

With our extensive experience across diverse projects, our team of experts is adept at handling a wide array of antenna concepts. These include high-gain antennas for telecommunications, inter-satellite links, and payload telemetry, as well as wideband antennas for spectrum surveillance, GNSS, LEO PNT, and more. We also specialize in integrated and active antennas for various applications. Explore our range of products above, and utilize the filters to discover the ideal match for your specific requirements.

Are your antennas scalable? Can we adapt their performance to our requirements?

Yes, our antennas are designed with scalability in mind. We understand that each project has unique requirements and performance criteria. Our team of experts is experienced in tailoring antenna designs to meet specific needs, ensuring that you can adapt the performance of our antennas to your exact requirements. Whether it’s adjusting the gain, beamwidth, frequency range, or other parameters, we have the flexibility to customize our antennas to align with your specifications. We work closely with you to understand your objectives and deliver scalable antenna solutions that meet your specific performance needs effectively.

What is the qualification testing process applied to our antennas?

Our qualification testing process for antennas involves subjecting them to demanding tests to ensure their durability and performance in space conditions. These tests include functional measurements, random vibration, shock, vacuum thermal cycling, long thermal cycling. We also conduct power handling tests for transmission antennas and perform rigorous final inspections before concluding the qualification phase. For more detailed information on our testing process, don’t hesitate to contact us!

What kind of acceptance tests are your antennas subjected to?

To ensure the functionality and durability of each flight model delivered to customers, acceptance tests are conducted. These tests, while lighter than qualification tests, still involve an S-parameter test, random vibration test, and thermal cycling at ambient pressure. The process concludes with a final S-parameter test and an external visual inspection to guarantee the quality of the antenna.

I don’t know which antenna to buy, can you help?

Absolutely! At Anywaves, we understand that choosing the right antenna is crucial. Our team of experts is here to assist you. We offer personalized consultation services tailored to your specific needs. By understanding your requirements and applications, we can recommend the most suitable antenna from our extensive product range. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and we’ll be more than happy to guide you in selecting the perfect antenna solution.

Can I buy a single antenna or is there a minimum order? How quick can I receive my order?

Whether your project is big or small, we can provide a single EM antenna for testing as well as cater for volume orders. Depending on your lead time and our availibility, we may even be able to ship it within a few days!

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