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We’re excited to share our latest scientific publications with you, which detail the groundbreaking research and development that goes into our products. Our team of experts is dedicated to advancing the field of satellite constellations, and our publications offer a deep dive into the science behind our innovations. Whether you’re a trusted client, a partner, researcher, a student, or simply curious about the latest advancements in space technology, we invite you to explore our publications and discover the many ways Anywaves is pushing the boundaries of space communication.

3D-printed heterogeneous isotropic–anisotropic dielectric resonator for singly fed dual-band circularly polarised antennas

Bruno de Araùjo, Christophe Morlaas, Romain Pascaud, Alexandre Chabory, Marjorie Grzeskowiak, Gautier Mazingue

Near-Field Diagnosis of an X-band Telemetry Antenna using Infrared Thermography

A. Laffont; S. Faure; M. Del Mastro; Q. Lamotte; J. Bhatker; M. Romier; D. Prost

Comparison of Effective Permittivity Retrieval Methods of 3D-Printed Unit Cells for Dielectric Resonator Antenna Applications

Gaëtan Antoine; Bruno De Araujo; Romain Pascaud; Christophe Morlaas; Alexandre Chabory; Vincent Laquerbe; Gautier Mazingue

Multi-permittivity 3D-printed Ceramic Dual-Band Circularly Polarized Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Space Applications - Measurement

Quentin Lamotte; Gautier Mazingue; Jacek Bhatker; Maxime Romier; Nicolas Capet; Nicolas Delhote; Cyrille Menudier; Olivier Tantot; Marc Thévenot; Kévin Elis

Management of Antenna Positioning and Radiofrequency Compatibility on Small Satellites

A. Piche; P. Alloatti; F. Lescoat; M. Sevoz; R. Perraud; P. Benjamin; G. Sylvand; N. Capet; B. Chaigne; T. Abboud

Full-metal X-band Reflectarray for Small Satellite Constellations

Gautier Mazingue; Louis Mangenot; Maxime Romier; Nicolas Capet

A Dual-Band Hollow Dielectric Resonator Antenna for GPS Applications

J. B. de Araújo; C. D. Morales; C. Morlaas; A. Chabory; R. Pascaud; M. Grzeskowiak; G. Mazingue

Circularly Polarized Huygens Source Antenna Based on Two Stacked Dielectric Resonators

C. D. Morales; J. B. de Araújo; C. Morlaas; A. Chabory; R. Pascaud; M. Grzeskowiak; G. Mazingue

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