Management of Antenna Positioning and Radiofrequency Compatibility on Small Satellites

Publication date :07/19/2022
Authors : A. Piche; P. Alloatti; F. Lescoat; M. Sevoz; R. Perraud; P. Benjamin; G. Sylvand; N. Capet; B. Chaigne; T. Abboud
Anywaves Space Antenna Satellite Constellation Scientific Publication

Published in: 2022 ESA Workshop on Aerospace EMC (Aerospace EMC)

The rise of small satellites constellations, the multiplication of radiofrequency (RF) links for payloads and platforms and the generalization of electric propulsion involve new antenna positioning and radiofrequency compatibility (RFC) issues for satellite manufacturers. We propose in this paper to focus on methodologies for assessing satellite structure and plasma plume impact on antenna radiation patterns, and also radiofrequency decoupling at satellite level.


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