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Test Caps
for Antennas

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Discover Anywaves Test Caps: The future of efficient and precise satellite antenna testing.

A Test Cap is a specialized ground segment equipment designed to facilitate end-to-end RF (Radio Frequency) tests directly on your satellite, eliminating the need for time-consuming and expensive tests in anechoic chambers.

Anywaves Test Caps (or Test Hats), tailored for S-band, GNSS, and X-band antennas, serve as a testament to innovation meeting utility. Gone are the days when exhaustive sessions in anechoic chambers were the norm. With our Test Caps, users can conduct end-to-end RF tests directly on their satellite platforms, ensuring highly reproducible measurements every time. Designed with a user-centric approach, these Test Caps not only streamline the testing process but also offer significant cost and time efficiencies.

At Anywaves, our Test Caps come with a cylindrical or a squared aluminium cavity covered with absorber material and terminated by an RF probe. This enables highly reproducible performance measurements of both the antenna and the transceiver on the platform.


What are test caps useful for?

A test cap is the perfect tool to simplify your antenna testing process. It allows highly reproducible measurements in all your environments such as clean rooms or thermal chambers. Using this equipment eliminates the need for RF tests to be carried out in an anechoic chamber, saving you significant amounts of time and money.


Can I use your test caps on any antenna?

It’s important to note that our test caps are specifically designed for use with Anywaves antennas. Due to variations in antenna designs and specifications among different suppliers, we cannot guarantee compatibility with antennas produced by other suppliers. To ensure optimal protection and performance, we recommend using our test caps exclusively with Anywaves antennas, as they are tailored to fit our specific antenna models.

Is the EIDP (Engineering Item Data Package) included? What does it contain?

Yes, the EIDP (Engineering Item Data Package) is included with our test caps. The EIDP contains comprehensive documentation that provides essential technical details and specifications of the product. It typically includes :

  • Acceptance test reports
  • ICD (Interface Control Document)
  • Mechanical envelope
  • User Manual

We ensure that the EIDP accompanies each product purchase to support your integration and operational needs.

Can I buy a single test cap or is there a minimum order? How quick can I receive my order?

Whether your project is big or small, we can provide a single test cap as well as cater for volume orders. Depending on your lead time and our availibility, we may even be able to ship it within a few days!

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