ANYWAVES Test Cap for GNSS All Bands Antennas
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ANYWAVES Test Cap for GNSS All Bands Antennas
Test Caps

Test Cap for GNSS All-Bands Antennas


Introducing Anywaves’ Test Cap (also called "Test Hat") for GNSS All-Bands Antennas – the essential tool for reproducible measurements of your navigation antenna and GNSS receiver on your satellite platform.

Our single-part design makes it easy to use and effective, maintaining a low impact on the antenna. The test cap enables reproducible measurements of the antenna and transceiver on the platform. You will perform better end to end tests, securing your performance and saving time and money avoiding complex tests in anechoic chambers.

This Ground Segment Equipment consists of a cylindrical aluminium cavity terminated by a RF probe. Its single part design eliminates the need for a mounting bracket. It easily screws directly on top of the antenna. The test cap is compatible with thermal vacuum environments with low outgassing properties. The plug-and-play for an end to end RF (Radio Frequency) system measurements and low radio frequency leakage ensures safe and efficient testing. With highly reproductible measurement, you will demonstrate your complete radio frequency chain performance for better reliability of your satellite and increase your customer satisfaction!


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  • Very low impact on the antenna matching
  • No mounting bracket required on the platform
  • Safe & easy to mount & dismount
  • Compatible with thermal vacuum environment
  • Low RF leakage to protect users from radiation during the test
  • ITAR Free
Frequency band

From 1.16 GHz to 1.61 GHz

Envelope size without connector

⌀ 118.8mm x 96.3 mm

Mass with connector

915 g

Coupling factor

-29 dB

Polarization compatibility

Right Hand Circular Polarization

RF Power

> 3.5W


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