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Newsletter 5 Antenna Innovation: It is Rocket Science

Anynews n°5 - Antenna Innovation: It is Rocket Science!

This fifth edition is devoted to our Innovation Department! Brace yourself for expert insights, an exlusive preview of our upcoming products, a deep dive into antenna mechanics, and a focus on a mission that exemplifies the essence of our innovative spirit.
Newsletter Anywaves n°4: Onward & Upward

Anynews n°4 - Onward and Upward

Explore Anynews n°4 - Onward & Upward! Get exclusive insights from our new General Manager, delve into the importance of GNSS all bands antennas, and celebrate significant milestones like our 500th product delivery. Don't miss also our latest Podcast: "Space is Harsh", presented by our Mechanical and Thermal engineer Mathias Nicolle. This edition is a testament to Anywaves' continuous growth and innovation in the space industry. Click to read and join our upward journey!
Anynews n°3 - Back to the Future

Anynews n°3 - Back to the Future

Dive into Anywaves' Newsletter Edition 3 for a captivating journey into the space antenna industry. Discover our redesigned website, innovative product portfolio, and expert insights on the Radio-Frequency chain in space antennas. Join our podcast for the latest in antenna technology, and learn about our role in the YEESS initiative for European space innovation.
Anynews n°2 - The Space Antenna Makers

Anynews n°2 - The Space Antenna Makers

Explore the world of space antenna innovation with Anywaves' 'The Space Antenna Makers' newsletter. Discover our dedicated team's expertise in designing and producing high-quality space antennas, dive into our exciting new podcast series, and learn about our latest X-Band product line. Gain insights into the importance of dual polarization in X-Band antennas, meet our newest team members, and see how our partnership with Connektica is revolutionizing RF testing. Join us as we continue to lead in the development of antennas for reusable launchers and push the boundaries of space technology.
Anynews n°1 - What's Under the Radar?

Anynews n°1 - What's Under the Radar?

Join Anywaves in celebrating its 6th anniversary with the first edition of ANYNEWS. Discover what sets Anywaves' space antennas apart in the evolving satellite market, explore our groundbreaking deployable reflectarray antenna, and watch our latest video showcasing cutting-edge space antenna technology. Learn about Anywaves' journey to becoming a leader in the antenna manufacturing industry and celebrate our recent entry into the U.S. market with a major contract with Maxar Technologies.

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