Full-metal X-band Reflectarray for Small Satellite Constellations

Publication date :05/11/2022
Authors : Gautier Mazingue; Louis Mangenot; Maxime Romier; Nicolas Capet
Anywaves Space Antenna Satellite Constellation Scientific Publication

Published in: 2022 16th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP)

This paper presents a full-metal unit cell for reflectarray antenna. This unit cell has been designed to withstand the space environment, and can be scaled to operate from X-band to Ka-band with the same manufacturing process. In this paper, An X-band 3-panel reflectarray for small satellite has been designed as an example of application. The size of each panel is 200 x 350 mm 2 . The reflectarray has been simulated on the [8-8.4] GHz band and shows a good stability on the band. The maximal gain is 28 dB and the half-power beamwidth is 8°.


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