Event Planning: Connecting with Space Industry Leaders Worldwide

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In the dynamic realm of space technology, networking and collaboration are pivotal for innovation and growth.
Thus, we’re thrilled to announce our participation in several prestigious events around the world over the coming weeks. These engagements are an excellent opportunity for space enthusiasts, industry professionals, and curious minds to connect with the visionaries behind Anywaves. Mark your calendars!

European Space Conference – Brussels

Kicking off the series is the European Space Conference in Brussels on January 23 and 24. The 16th edition will take stock of the current space landscape in Europe, providing a backdrop for focused, dynamic, and thought-provoking discussions on the future of European space ambitions and initiatives. On this occasion, CEO Dr. Nicolas Capet will participate in a round table dedicated to EU Space Law. Alongside our Head of Communications, Emilie Genoudet, he will actively promote and represent YEESS, the Young European Enterprises Syndicate for Space.

SmallSat Symposium – Mountain View

Next, Anywaves will be present at the SmallSat Symposium in Mountain View, CA, showcasing our expertise and cutting-edge technology at Booth #68.
From February 6 up to 8, this event provides an ideal platform for networking and discovering the latest trends in small satellite technology.
Don’t miss this opportunity to meet and exchange with CCO François Morizur, Sales Manager Anne-Lise Vo Thanh and Technical Sales Manager Dr. Michele Del Mastro!

International Space Industry Exhibition (ISIEX) – Tokyo

Right after Mountain View, the Anywaves team will head to Tokyo for the International Space Industry Exhibition (February 20 – 22), where they will be featured at Cornes Technologies Limited’s Booth.
As one of Japan’s largest space business exhibitions, this event will gather robots and specialized products for space development and lunar exploration, as well as showcases in rocket development and manufacturing, launch infrastructure, satellite utilization, and ground-based space-related services.

Paris Space Week

March brings Anywaves to the Paris Space Week, where the team will engage with industry experts and share insights into the latest developments in space technology.
Meet them at the Paris Event Center on March 12!

European Conference on Antenna Propagation – Glasgow

From March 17 to 22, Glasgow will host the European Conference on Antenna Propagation, where Anywaves’ Innovation Manager Dr. Nelson Fonseca will present his pioneering work on “Waveguide Antenna Array Technologies for Space and Beyond.
A presentation not to miss for sure!

SAT Show – Washington DC

The first trimester journey will conclude with the Sat Show in Washington DC, where Anywaves space antennas will be showcased at Booth #2052. This will also be a great opportunity for CEO Nicolas Capet to be part of a panel dedicated to “Lunar Satellite Communications: Expanding Service Frontiers”


Anywaves is eager to connect with you, share insights, and explore potential collaborations. We look forward to meeting you on this exciting global journey!


If you have any question, we would be happy to help you out.