Empowering European Space Innovation: The Role of YEESS

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In the ever-evolving landscape of space technology, collaboration and innovation have emerged as the cornerstones of success. In 2021, the Young European Enterprises Syndicate for Space (YEESS) was born, uniting six visionary European space companies with a singular mission: to bolster the new space dynamic in Europe. These founding members include Satlantis and Pangea Aerospace (Spain), Anywaves and Exotrail (France), Constellr (Germany), and Aerospacelab (Belgium).

Today, YEESS has grown to encompass 13 members, including Unseenlabs, Cailabs, U-Space and Latitude from France, Isar Aerospace and Exolaunch from Germany and ReOrbit from Finland. The syndicate’s goal is clear: to dismantle the notion of “Old” and “New” space, and instead forge a collective path towards realizing European space ambitions.

YEESS’s Vision and Principles

At the heart of YEESS lies a compelling vision, anchored by six guiding principles that seek to align the public and private sectors for a sound, efficient, and sustainable investment in space:

  • Advocacy for Broader Space Usage: YEESS champions the utilization of space for the benefit of every European citizen and business, recognizing its pivotal role in addressing global challenges through collaboration.
  • European Preference and Fair Competition: The syndicate advocates for fair competition among space actors and encourages startups and SMEs to actively participate in meeting European space demand.
  • Private Solutions for Public Needs: YEESS emphasizes the use of private resources to meet public space needs, underlining the importance of sustainability and market viability.
  • Public Purchases over Subsidies: The syndicate encourages public purchases to foster product-market alignment, enhancing the competitiveness of the European space sector.
  • Step-by-Step Path to Complex Services: YEESS promotes a gradual approach to complex space services, ensuring better access for emerging companies and more controlled budgets and schedules.
  • Leveraging Private Capital: The syndicate emphasizes the use of private capital to maximize the impact of public spending, pushing for measures that enhance financial venture capital investments in the space sector.

YEESS’s Agenda

To achieve its mission, YEESS engages in various activities, such as workshops, conferences, and exhibitions to raise awareness of the syndicate’s transformative potential. They also advocate for transparency in public space contracts, aiming for equitable distribution of employment and contracts within the sector. Additionally, YEESS provides a platform for an inclusive dialogue with European institutions and representatives, ensuring the collective voice of the ecosystem is heard.

Beyond the European scale, YEESS extends its efforts to the national level, fostering the relevance of the ecosystem and supporting the employment of young European space engineers and scientists.

Key Objectives

YEESS has set clear objectives:

  • To be the representative platform for New Space enterprises in Europe, elevating their presence in the European Space Market.
  • To raise awareness among European institutions about the potential of young European enterprises to provide innovative space solutions.
  • To advocate for transparency and equity in public space contracts.
  • To facilitate connections between European institutions and young space enterprises.

A commitment to the European Space

YEESS embodies the spirit of collaboration and innovation in the European space sector. As one of its founding members, Anywaves is committed to promoting the syndicate’s objectives and strengthening European leadership in space activities.

On November 15, YEESS members, alongside representatives from the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Union (EU), will gather for a social event in Bremen, Germany, on the sidelines of the Space Tech Expo. This event will provide a platform for fostering relationships, sharing insights, and advancing the goals that drive YEESS forward.

In a world where the space industry is more competitive and dynamic than ever, YEESS stands as a beacon of collaboration and innovation, ready to shape the future of European space endeavors.


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