EuCAP 2021: Best Antennas Paper Award for our R&D engineer Dr. Michele Del Mastro!

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The 15th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP) took place online from March the 22nd up to the 26th.

On this occasion, papers in four thematic domains (measurement, propagation, electromagnetics and antennas) have been considered by the Award Committee to contribute to the recognition of scientific quality of research and engineering.

In the antennas category, the award went to our R&D engineer Dr. Michele Del Mastro for his “Low-Profile CTS Array in PCB Technology for K/Ka-Band Applications” paper!

Abstract: “In this paper, an ultra-low-profile wideband continuous transverse stub (CTS) array is presented. The antenna module is fully realized in multilayer printed circuit board (PCB) technology, comprising 9 dielectric substrates. Particularly, the radiating part consists of long slots etched on the top of the eighth dielectric substrate. The slots are parallel-fed by a corporate feed network made of vertical parallel-plate waveguides (PPW), using via-fences. A pillbox system, embedded into two substrates, is employed to feed the slots with a line source. The antenna module is low cost and presents a very low form factor. A prototype was fabricated and measured in the K=Ka-band. The antenna array provides a pencil-beam radiation for angles of scanning as far as _24_ along the azimuth plane parallel to the slots. The input reflection coefficient is below -10 dB in the frequency range 19-31GHz (48% of relative bandwidth). The maximum realized gain is 21 dB at 29 GHz.”

This work was supported by Thales SIX GTS France, in the framework of an R&D activity of the ANR-ASTRIDMATURATION project named RAFQO. This work was also partly supported by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), and also by Ministry of Higher Education and Research, Brittany and Rennes Metropole, through the CPER Project SOPHIE/STIC & Ondes.

Congratulations Michele!


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