New Communication Tools to reflect our CSR Commitment

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Towards the Deployment of a CSR Policy: New Communication Tools as a First Demonstration of Our Responsible Commitment

As a committed and responsible player in the space industry, we are dedicated to integrating environmentally friendly practices into all aspects of our work, from the development of our space antennas to their commercialization in the global market. While we are currently laying the groundwork for a rigorous and structured Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, concrete actions are already illustrating our commitment. Our Communication Department has taken up the challenge and developed new tools to promote our brand and products.


An Innovative Communication Tool

QR Antenne v2 1 680x383

We are proud to present our brand-new communication tool: a compact and original support shaped like one of our space antennas, with a QR Code on the back leading to the digital version of our Product Book. This initiative allows us to significantly reduce large-volume paper prints, providing a more ecological and modern solution. By limiting prints, we contribute to the responsible management of our paper waste and minimize our environmental impact.

In addition to its ecological aspect, this new format also offers the flexibility to add additional links behind the QR Code, facilitating the distribution of our upcoming brochures. This innovation is a tangible proof of our commitment to more responsible and sustainable communication.


Introducing Our New Sustainable and Connected Business Card

WECARD2 680x384

In line with our CSR commitment, we are excited to introduce our new business card, the WeCard by WeMet. Made from upcycled wood, the WeCard is a connected card designed to be both sustainable and innovative. All members of our events team, including our sales managers, CSO, CEO, and head of communication, will have their own reusable Business Card. This cutting-edge tool allows for contactless interaction using NFC and QR Code technologies. In a single gesture, prospects can access our digital online card and save all our information directly to their contact book. No application or subscription is needed, and it’s 100% compatible with both Android and Apple phones. This seamless integration exemplifies our dedication to eco-friendly practices and modern technology, reducing the need for traditional paper business cards and enhancing our networking efficiency.


Modular and Reusable Stands

View 04 2 680x383

Furthermore, we have decided to invest in two modular and reusable booth backdrops for the numerous trade shows we participate in each year. Instead of ordering unique and custom-made stands for each event, we will now use these modular supports, thereby reducing our environmental footprint and optimizing our resources.

The upcoming events on our agenda will be an opportunity for you to discover these new stands as well as the new format of our Product Book! Not to mention our new range of carefully prepared goodies for you.


ISO 14001 as a Guiding Principle

With expected by 2025, we are already committed to following the recommendations inherent in the efforts required for companies of similar size to ours. The implementation of concrete actions such as those deployed for our communication tools already demonstrates our commitment and willingness to act to become an even more responsible player in the space industry.

CSR and the resulting ISO 14001 certification are among the major challenges we will address in the coming months. Because our industry must be responsible or it will not be at all, we will be sure to share with you the various milestones achieved in this crucial endeavour.



We are commited to minimize our environmental impact through our innovative communication tools and sustainable initiatives. The introduction of our reusable stand, business card and dematerialized product book are just the beginning of our journey towards a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

As we move forward, we remain dedicated to achieving ISO 14001 certification by 2025. We look forward to sharing our progress and celebrating our milestones with you as we work together towards a more responsible and sustainable future in the space industry.


If you have any question, we would be happy to help you out.