Space Event Planning: Where to meet The Space Antenna Makers next trimester

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Innovation and technological advancement are two crucial pillars in the space industry. Therefore, every space company in this dynamic sector must stay updated regarding space news, given the significant mutations within the environment.

To do so, the Anywaves’ team will be part of the upcoming trimester’s space events to meet space professionals around the world.

Here’s the planning of where you can catch us over the next three months:

Space Symposium – Colorado Springs, USA

Join us at the prestigious Space Symposium in Colorado Springs from April 8th to the 11th, where we’ll be showcasing our latest innovations and engaging insightful discussions. This event gathers attendees from multiple companies, to give them the opportunity to examine space issues from different point of views. Thus, you can meet our Sales & Marketing team: François Morizur, Anne-Lise Vo Than & Dr. Michele Del Mastro on site and have access to exclusive information.

National Microwave Days – Antibes Juan-Les-Pins, France

Next on our agenda is the French National Microwaves Days from June the 4th to 7th. This conference brings 600 academic and industrial researchers of the microwave field. Both of our Innovation & Technical Project Departments are gladly taking part in the event to share insights regarding antennas, materials components antennas, and applications in various sectors such as security, defense, and health.

International Space Summit – Seoul, Korea

Jetting off to our first year in Seoul, where our Sales & Marketing team will be Exhibitors at the K Hotel Seoul to meet global leaders, space experts, and government officials from around the world. From June 11th till the 13th, come to meet us at the 2nd edition of the global Space Conference and get all what you need to know on our space antennas.

IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS) – Washington DC, USA

Our journey culminates at the world largest Technical Professional Conference, where our Innovation Manager Dr. Nelson Fonseca we’ll be showcasing our cutting-edge solutions on the future of microwave technology from June 16th till the 21st. On the program, workshops, technical lectures, and conferences, we are excited to be back at Washington DC for the second time this year!

Les Assises du NewSpace – Saison 3 – Paris, France

Finally, we return to Paris the 25th & 26th of June for the third season of the annual French Newspace gathering. Our Chief Executive Officer Dr. Nicolas Capet and our Head of Communications Emilie Genoudet will represent Anywaves at this true hub for space innovation.

As we embark on this Journey, we can’t wait to connect with you, share our vision of the space industry and explore collaboration opportunities. Stay tuned for the updates and join us as we take space innovation to new heights!


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