Join us in welcoming the new players of the “space antenna makers” team!

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By the very first days of Spring, Alexandre Loustau-Chartez sat up home with us as Production Manager to ensure the control, the assembly, the integration, and the testing of products in manufacturing and development. Under the supervision of our CPO Guillaume Boudrais, Alexandre is taking the lead of the whole Production Department and will work in close collaboration with team members in charge of tests and supply chain.

A few weeks later, Bourdais’ team has been enriched again with the addition of two new collaborators: Thomas Corbel and Ludovic Dehoui.

Thanks to his skills in high volume production management and his knowledge of the new space industry, Thomas joined ANYWAVES to play an instrumental role as Industrialization Manager. And since quality is no debate when it comes to industrializing our space antennas for satellites constellations, Ludovic has been appointed as product, quality, and assurance project manager to lead, deploy, and participate in the evolution of our standard quality policy.

Finally, a couple of weeks ago, our Financial & Administrative Department grew up as well with CFO Pascal Foulquier welcoming Mathieu Ferriol, our new Accountant and Office Manager.

With these new professionals amongst our team, we keep on ramping up, focused on the industrialization and production of our products with one goal in mind: making our customers’ satisfaction a priority.


If you have any question, we would be happy to help you out.