YEESS : a syndicate to facilitate and accelerate the New Space dynamic in Europe

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The 2021 edition of the Space Forum Luxembourg , held on September the 14th, has been the occasion to officially launch a syndicate aiming to facilitate and accelerate the New Space dynamic in Europe: YEESS (Young European Enterprises Syndicate for Space).

Founded by six European young space enterprises from Belgium, France, Germany and Spain (AEROSPACELAB, ANYWAVES, ConstellR ,EXOTRAILPANGEA AEROSPACE, and SATLANTIS), YEESS aims to be the representative platform for New Space enterprises in Europe and to foster acceleration of the European space movement.

YEESS web site

As one of them, our CEO Nicolas CAPET, who has been elected YEESS Vice President comments :

“YEESS aims to be a representative place to discuss and promote new solutions proposed by young European Space companies to our institutions. We are all convinced that working together with European institutions and well-established Space companies is a key to maintain Europe as a Space leader in the coming years. Our challenge is thus to promote our capabilities and propose concrete solutions to be involved in institutional programs, bringing competitiveness to our sector in all the value chain and, at the end, for the benefits of European Citizen in this strategic domain”.

With remarkable achievements, the YEESS founding members – each with their own unique identity – are venturing to break into the European space market.

To know more about this syndicate, please refer to the related press release.


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