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Why you should use Test Caps to revolutionize your testing process

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Space technology is a sector where precision is crucial, and that includes the accurate testing of spatial antennas. While many professionals rely on traditional methods involving extensive sessions in anechoic chambers, there exists a more streamlined approach: Test Caps (also called Test Hats). Surprisingly, despite their benefits, Test Caps remain underutilized in many circles. In this article, we will explore the distinct advantages of Anywaves Test Caps, highlighting their efficiency, reliability, and cost-saving potential.


What is a Test Cap (or Test Hat)?

A Test Cap is a specialized ground segment equipment designed to facilitate end-to-end RF (Radio Frequency) tests directly on your satellite, eliminating the need for time-consuming and expensive tests in anechoic chambers. At Anywaves, our Test Caps come with a cylindrical or a squared aluminium cavity covered with absorber material and terminated by an RF probe. This enables highly reproducible performance measurements of both the antenna and the transceiver on the platform.


Key Advantages of Using Anywaves Test Caps


Anywaves Test Caps stand out with their single-part design that seamlessly screws on top of the antenna, eliminating the need for any mounting bracket on the platform. This user-friendly design minimizes manipulation and, importantly, reduces the risk of inadvertent damage to the antenna. The plug-and-play nature ensures a testing process that’s both safe and efficient, with an oriented slot guaranteeing correct positioning during mounting and dismounting.


Cost and Time Efficiency

The Anywaves Test Cap allows you to bypass the need for complex tests in anechoic chambers, translating into substantial savings in both time and money. By simplifying the testing process, you can allocate your resources more effectively, ensuring that your mission is both budget-friendly and efficient.



The robust design of our Test Caps ensures reproducible measurements in varied environments, from clean rooms to thermal vacuum chambers. Such reproducibility is pivotal for the performance and reliability of satellite systems. Moreover, the Test Caps are designed to have a very minimal impact on the antenna matching (reflection coefficient), preserving the integrity of the antenna’s performance. Additionally, their low RF leakage safeguards users from radiation exposure during testing.



Anywaves’ agility and industrialization process mean that our Test Caps can be quickly designed and delivered to suit your antennas, making them a scalable solution tailored to meet your needs.



It’s crucial to note that Anywaves Test Caps are designed for exclusive use with Anywaves antennas. They can’t be compatible with antennas from other manufacturers due to varying design specifications but we can assure optimal performance when used with our in-house antennas.


Locally Produced in the European Capital of Space

Anywaves takes pride in the fact that our precision Test Caps are designed and crafted in Toulouse, the European Capital of Space. This is a testament not just to our regional roots but also to the in-depth expertise and specialized knowledge embedded in each Test Cap.


Quality Assurance with EN9100 Certification

In addition to being locally produced, our design and manufacturing processes adhere to the rigorous EN9100 certification standards. This certification is an essential benchmark in the aerospace industry, ensuring that each Test Cap meets the highest quality and reliability criteria.



The world of space technology is dynamic and demands tools that epitomize precision and efficiency. Test Caps fit this requirement perfectly, yet they often don’t get the spotlight they deserve. Anywaves Test Caps, with their technical prowess, offer an alternative that saves time, cost, and ensures optimal results. As we look to the future, recognizing and incorporating these tools into regular testing protocols isn’t just a recommendation—it’s a logical progression for professionals in the space sector.

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