ANYWAVES Obtains EN 9100 Certification!

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A true guarantee of quality to all our customers: our EN 9100 certification!

Since ANYWAVES inception almost five years ago, our ambition has always been very clear : becoming the leader of miniature antennas for satellites constellations.

Such a goal implies a daily hard work, a strong know-how and a complete mastery of waves.

However, no matter how good you can be at all this, if you don’t put rigorous industrial processes at the heart of your quality approach, then you considerably decrease your chance of success.

This is why our very first commitment is to meet with customers’ satisfaction thanks to performant and reliable products delivery. And to make this not just a declaration of intentions but a reality, we have engaged our company into an uncompromising certification process.

With our Quality Manager and our Chief Operating Officer orchestrating the whole procedure, we finally got the EN 9100 certification by the end of 2021!

To Marie Dousset “It has been amazing to see how much each collaborator got involved into this certification. It is a real collective achievement!

Mélanie Francisco adds : “Being EN 9100 certified was a strategic issue. The EN 9100 certification allows us to define a clear quality management system and to be constantly looking for improvements. Thanks to it, we are now listed in the international OASIS database, attesting to the reliability and quality of our products. This is a true guarantee of quality to all our customers worldwide.”

Also, we are convinced that digitalization can make the difference regarding the industrialization of our products. This is why we have set up an Enterprise Resource Planning in partnership with the Sylob company. This ERP implementation perfectly goes within the framework of the EN 9100 standards.

This EN 9100 certification is another significant milestone on our path toward miniature antennas for satellites constellations leadership; let’s keep on shooting for the stars!


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