France 2030: Anywaves & Connektica’s “I-ANT” Breakthrough

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In a resounding affirmation of France’s dedication to space exploration, the government is propelling the nation’s space sector forward through initiatives like France 2030.

Led by the General Directorate of Enterprises in collaboration with the Directorate General of Armament (DGA) and the Directorate General for Research and Innovation (DGRI), France 2030 aims to foster innovation and competitiveness in the New Space sector.

Recently, President Macron announced 11 recipients, securing a public commitment of €500 million towards the New Space sector. Among these recipients, Anywaves emerged as a frontrunner, securing success in the ‘Development and Industrialization of Satellite Constellations and Enabling Technologies’ call for projects under the France 2030 initiative.

Project I-ANT: Transformative Antenna Technology

At the forefront of this transformative initiative is Anywaves’ groundbreaking project “I-ANT,” developed in collaboration with Connektica. This venture represents a significant leap forward in intelligent antenna technology for satellite constellations. By harnessing digitalization solutions, Anywaves and Connektica aim to streamline industrial collaborations and optimize production processes. This strategic partnership, supported by France 2030, underscores the importance of collaboration and innovation in shaping the future of the space industry.

Dr. Nicolas Capet, CEO of Anywaves, emphasizes the pivotal role of this collaboration in scaling up operations within the New Space landscape. “It’s a collaboration for a change in dimension,” he states, highlighting the need for industrial resilience and reliability as New Space enterprises evolve to meet market demands.

As a cornerstone of France’s space industry, Anywaves is leading the charge in digital innovation. With a clientele that includes industry giants such as Airbus Defence and Space, Thales Alenia Space, and Maxar, the company is well-positioned to leverage digitalization and automation to enhance production efficiency and meet growing market demands.

Connektica, renowned for its innovative radiofrequency testing technology, is a key partner in this endeavor. Through a three-year R&D partnership supported by France 2030, Connektica aims to develop a comprehensive Manufacturing Execution System (MES) tailored to Anywaves’ production needs. Jérémy Perrin, CEO of Connektica, comments, “Our ambition is to demonstrate to major clients that their subcontractors are up to the task.”

Collaboration and Innovation

With the backing of France 2030, Anywaves and Connektica are leading the charge in revolutionizing the satellite industry. Their collaborative efforts aim to propel the industry into the digital age, addressing evolving needs and driving industrial growth. Through innovation, collaboration, and strategic partnerships, they are delivering unparalleled value to the space exploration sector.

As France’s space industry embraces the challenges and opportunities of the future, Anywaves stands ready to propel the nation towards its lofty space ambitions. With projects like “I-ANT,” Anywaves continues to cement its position as a key player in shaping the future of space innovation.


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