Anywaves Teams Up with Connektica, the time and money saving solution for RF testing

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In today’s highly competitive environment, manufacturers are faced with the multifaceted issue of producing faster and at a lower cost, while adhering to the highest quality standards and efficiently integrating into their customer’s supplier management system.  Specifically, complex systems relying on Radio Frequency (RF) instruments call for highly specialized measurements for which accuracy and efficiency are of paramount importance. Companies involved in the design, manufacturing, test and integration of RF systems and subsystems are aware of the numerous challenges that come with acquiring, processing, storing, and managing large amounts of test data coming from various sources.

In our relentless quest to always provide greater value to our clients, we have partnered with Connektica whose state-of-the-art software platform offers automated and turnkey RF test solutions, greatly simplifying and accelerating the entire process. This collaboration brings together ANYWAVES’ expertise in space antenna design and Connektica’s cutting-edge measurement and data management solutions, creating a powerful synergy.

Stéphane Roy, Test Responsible at ANYWAVES, has been actively involved in implementing Connektica within our organization. He shares his experience with the platform, praising its user-friendly nature and time-saving capabilities. “Once I’ve defined the configuration, I can easily rely on my teammates to work with Connektica platform, even though they’re not experts in RF measurements. I can also follow the progression of the tests in real-time and react immediately if unexpected results are encountered. The solution is flexible, efficient, and easy to use. It empowers us to streamline our RF testing processes, ultimately improving productivity and reducing costs. The ability to compare real measurements with simulations provides important feedback to the antenna design team, fostering a more efficient workflow.”

In addition to saving time and money, the solution also offers features that enhance traceability and quality control, which are crucial for an EN9100 certified company like us. For example, the Connektica platform ensures that key information associated with each and every step of the RF test flow is meticulously documented. Furthermore, real-time data management capabilities provide immediate access to consolidated data reports, enabling timely decision-making and facilitating strict adherence to our quality control processes. This comprehensive set of information can be made available to all relevant users and stakeholders in the value chain, be it to our own space antenna manufacturing team, the satellite integrators, or other suppliers. Also, thanks to its user-friendly interface, Connektica enables other team members, such as supply chain managers or sales representatives, to monitor the production of the ANYWAVES antennas.

Through our partnership with Connektica, we solidify ANYWAVES’ standing as a premier European space antenna equipment manufacturer. This collaboration also underscores our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art space products setting new industry standards and driving innovation.

To learn more about Connektica and its range of features, visit their website.


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