Brand-new design for ANYWAVES’ graphic identity!

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ANYWAVES‘ communication gets a new look with a brand-new visual identity.

Designed by Agence Pure in the frame of a supportive action , this new graphic identity comes and asserts our position of first European pure player in antennas for the New Space. It’s pretty sure specialists will notice the reference to the Smith Chart in our new pictogram!

With new modern and dynamic colours, our ambition of becoming the leader of miniature antennas for critical systems is also expressed.

At a crossroads between renewal and continuity –  typography and the “control materials to master waves”  base-line remaining the same –  this brand-new graphic identity echoes with an emancipation will and characterizes our antennas experts position.

Thanks to its #Purewithyou operation, Agence Pure offered us a tailored support regarding the design and the creation of this brand-new graphic identity ; many thanks to the whole team


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