Dr. Maxime Romier of ANYWAVES Presents!

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Join us for The Thematic Days of the French Group of Ceramics


December 8th, 2022 near Limoges, France

After the days organized in Tarbes in 2021 and on the occasion of the international festival of 3D printing, the French Group of Ceramics, 3DCERAM, NANOE, and NOVADDITIVE are pleased to propose on Thursday, December 8, 2022, in Limoges in the premises of 3DCERAM.

For the second edition of this event, Dr. Maxime Romier will take the stage from 10h50 to 11h20. He will present – Ceramic 3D Printing Antennas: From Concept to Space Qualification – This is sure to include an inside look into the innovation behind the ANYWAVES Ceramic 3D Printed GNSS L1/E1 Bands Antenna! This is a talk you won’t want to miss.

3D printing of ceramics is a major topic of current interest. This day aims to promote the exchange of experiences between industry and academic researchers. The day will be jam-packed with all things Ceramics, featuring a vast list of 3D ceramic professionals from around France. The conference goes from 8h00 to 16h30 and will highlight the significant scientific advances being made in national laboratories specifically in the domains of Applications and technology transfers, particularly in the fields of health, telecommunications, and aerospace.

Don’t miss out! See the full schedule and more on the event website.


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